Churchland Fire Department is a community organization made up of community members of all ages and backgrounds. As we rely heavily on our members throughout the community, we do receive support and help from surrounding communities; other Davidson County departments, the county of Rowan, the cities of Spencer, Salisbury, Lexington, and if needed, all fire departments in the county.  We also receive support with administrative issues from several statewide organizations.

We are always in need of different skills and services.  We are confident we can find a place for anyone who would like to take part.   Whether you can give a hand to your neighbor in a time of need, or you can serve in the administrative and governing body of the fire department, please feel free to contact us.

Below is a list of our current membership.  We would be pleased to add your name to the list.  Come to any training meeting to check out the possibility of serving your community through the fire department.  Meetings are at Station 31 on most Wednesday nights at 7:00.  For an application click here.


Current Membership

Barry Frazier  ~  Chief
Gray Grubb  ~  Assistant Chief
Josh Shipton  ~  Assistant Chief
Zac Thompson ~  Captain
Brian Koonts ~ Captain
Chris Nowak  ~  Captain
Jeremy Hand ~ Captain
Randall Akers
Kris Ball
Michelle Blackstone
Alison Bost
Eric Caudle
Lee Caudle
Chris Coates
Michael Everhart
Michael Frazier
Mitch Garmer
Calum Jones Jr
Peyton Leonard
Mike McVetty
Kinston Nesbitt

Nathan Owens
Wesley Perryman
Osbin Perdomo
Tyler Prickett
Benji Shoaf
Spencer Shoaf
BJ Simerson
Kensell Snider
Savannah Snider
Ryan Swink
Scott Swink
Nelson Wagner
EJ Williams
Ellis Williams