Board of Directors

The Churchland Fire Department's Board of Directors is made up of a group of fire district taxpayers which are voted on to the board by the community at our annual meeting in June of each year. The board acts as the governing body of the fire department while leaving the daily operations to the Chief and his crew of officers and firefighters. The board is made up of twelve members that include a president, vice-president, and a secretary/treasurer. The members of the board are voted on to the board and remain on for a term of three years.  Officers of the board are voted on every year. 
Our current Board of Directors is below:

Robbie Young ~ President
Ken Dorsett ~ Secretary/Treasure
Chris Coates
Zac Thompson
Josh Shipton
Benji Shoaf
Mitch Swicegood
Benny Shoaf
Chris Nowak
Kris Ball
Brian Koonts
Nelson Wagner